Tips to Set up a Google Ads Campaign

Online Business

If you are just a new born in the online business, it is time for you to know about the online marketing too.

And when it is only about telling you of online marketing platforms, well nothing is better than the Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is the online marketing platform which helps in advertising the products of any business in front of their potential customers. And all these can be done within few hours. It is also the great way to advertise as many users, nearly 1.17 billion users are using it right now and they are satisfied.

Stepwise guide for the Adwords campaign

Now being a new one, you better need a guide to proceed with the Google Adwords. This article will help you in learning the Google ads and stepwise guide would help you to build up the Adwords.

  • Visit the Google Adwords Campaign website. There you will find the get started options. You need to create an account to get started with it. Click on the options “ create your first campaign”
  • Next is the task of choosing the type and name of the campaign. The best one is the “Search network only”. Give a name to your campaign and it should be related to your products or service that you are offering.
  • Next is the option of getting the display location. You can either choose the entire city or the entire country. Do it by choosing the latitude and longitude of the location. If you want to focus on the local, then know about the local area where you want to serve.
  • Now it is the turn of setting the daily budget. When you are starting up first with the Adwords then it is better to get over the low budget one. Even the budget can be adjusted on every week or monthly basis.
  • Now it is the time to add the keywords to your campaign. Keywords addition has no limit and you can add as many as you can. That would rather be a better option. But do it on serious notes.
  • Now just create the ad and you are with the ad just to launch. It will now attract the customers and get you in a new world. Provides a headline that would bring in more customers. Keep the body with a tone of action of the service.
  • Now set up a conversion tracking for the business. Google will give you multiple options and you have to choose among them.

Few tips to get the best out of it

While doing the entire task you should always follow these few tricks:

  1. Always start with the search network campaign
  2. The account should be well structured
  3. Opt for the daily low budgets and the PPC too.
  4. Ad copy should not be neglected and take the images into matter too.
  5. Testing and tracking should be accurate as much as possible.
  6. Device type should be considered while setting up the campaign.

Hope these much of steps and tips would help you a lot to make maximum use of the Adwords campaign.

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