Press Interviews – 7 Follow-up Ideas to Use After Every News Or Feature Media Interview

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Effective media interviews require follow-up. That which you do following the interview is often as essential as that which you do when preparing for that interview.

Following are 7 ideas to follow following the last real question is clarified:

Offer to be shown for just about any follow-up that is required: While you complete the job interview, tell the report or producer that you’ll be available should they have any more questions or need more information or additional sources.

Express gratitude frequently: Express gratitude once the interview is finished. Then send an individual note – email is nice but email is much better. Reporters strive and obtain little appreciation. Make use of this chance to distinguish yourself out of your competitors allowing reporters realize that you appreciate them.

Fulfill promises made throughout the interview: Should you offered to supply a resource throughout the interview, have that information towards the reporter as rapidly as possible. Reporters work under deadlines as well as your timely follow-up is going to be greatly appreciated.

Critique your interview: Have you deliver your messages clearly, concisely and with confidence? Exist things that you would like to alter prior to the next interview? I’ve discovered it is advisable to perform a quick review soon after a job interview while things are fresh in your thoughts. Additionally, it may be beneficial with an objective observer critique your speed and agility too. An instructor or mentor may serve as a sounding and review board for you personally in creating a strong media platform.

Have patience: When the interview doesn’t run inside a reasonable time, you might contact the reporter to find out if there’s other things you need to provide. But don’t forget that there’s no guarantee if or once the story will run. So watch out for pushing for any commitment on once the story can look.

Proceed to the following media chance: Make adjustments inside your interview strategy and start the following interview. The greater frequently you conduct interviews, the greater you’ll perform.

Following the story runs: Pull clips of the interview for future marketing efforts.