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Sky happens to be one of the best digital television platforms in the world and the best choice in UK. According to numbers, the company has more than 17.5 million viewers in UK alone, and their services continue to be the best for many. What’s great is the fact that Sky offers a whole range of channels and their signals are transmitted by satellite, which means that people over a large geographical area can access their services. In fact, Sky services are available in the entire of Europe and their popularity continues to increase. So, if you are thinking how to watch Sky TV in Switzerland, there is very little hassle for sure.

How to get started?

For receiving the signals of Sky, you need their digital satellite system, which will come with a box. The box will allow you to access the custom program guide, and the choice to get access to over 100 channels. The list of channels includes music, news, entertainment, sports, movies, documentary and much more. Users also have access to close to 150 different non-subscription radio and TV channels, as well. For using their premium services, you will need to buy Sky card, but even if you don’t, you can access many channels that are available for free viewing.

What about dish size?

The mountainous terrain of Switzerland can fluctuate the Sky TV signals in the country, and therefore, the dish requirements largely depend on the location and altitude. Also, you need to find the right place to mount the dish, so that there are minimal distractions. While generally, most customers opt for a 130cm dish and have complained very less about the signals, it is advisable to install a dish of 180 cm, which offers the best possible signals and no loss of channels. You can talk to your local operator to know more. There are some websites, where you can find a list of cities where the Sky TV services are available. Do check these sites to know if you should invest in the services.

Cost and other details

Finally, one needs to know the costs. Most people think Sky TV services are expensive, which isn’t the case because most of their current entertainment packages come for less than £25, which is great, while you just need to pay £10 extra for HD channels. However, do check with the local seller to know more of the packages. All the packages offered in Switzerland offer the same range ofchannels andservices as in UK. If you are opting for HD services, make sure that you have a HD TV for the right experience. Most of their packages are available for all customers, and you can choose to shift from one plan to another every month, which is great. Only pay for the kind of package you want, but it is best to go for premium channels like Sky movies and Sky Sports, which are quite popular.

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