Since the KYC is the service in which the economic and financial information of a person is present, so there is a risk of theft of the ID and to steal the money by retrieving the database. This can be manually and can also be carried out by hacking the information. To prevent this, a person should keep his database that is ID and passwords private. KYC is working on the anti-theft application upgrade of the IDENTITY THEFT PREVENTION. To prevent The Identity theft, one should not share his ID or any card number with the animal. If a person wants to prevent his daughter from online theft, he or she should read the instructions given by the online trader for any site very carefully.

Measures to prevent online theft

The online piracy and theft are quite ordinary nowadays. This is because people are over-educated and are using their knowledge in a bad way. The person having online accounts and used to `make online payments frequently should not go for any ok button if the message is multilingual. Because without reading anything one should not give any decision and take proper care.

To prevent the online thefts know your customer scheme has also introduced some online applications which run on a very safe and private interface. Those applications are used frequently by the people because they are safe and they are directly linked with the KYC which make them more reliable. The fraud detection in KYC is done by the applications only. To prevent the direct entering of ID and password KYC has introduced other login options such as fingerprints and face unlock. This type of options for login makes the system safer because they are more reliable and private ways to log in by the government.