How to Improve Challenges of Implementing Identity Access Management System?


IAM or identity access management is a security program, which is implemented by organizations to combat the increasing cybercrimes. Hacker’s goal is to appear like authentic users within your organization to pilfer intellectual property or steal data but in an undetectable manner. To control this hacking many organizations, have some default security plan

  • To constrain what data the employees can have access to
  • How to authorize and authenticate users to view the data
  • Create audit reports that prove who and how data got accessed

Even robust IAM systems experience issues because of poorly or incomplete execution. Issues get mounted rapidly increasing the risk of breaking an organization because data protection compliance is legally mandatory.

Challenges of IAM tool

  • Complexity and inconsistency because of diverse environments and disparate systems used in modern business. It includes legacy systems, social media, remote working and cloud computing, which play a vital role in current corporate world.
  • Diversification has caused error margin to explode, especially managing IDs in large organizations.
  • Daily productive tools and different cloud apps accompany their personal rules causing several businesses struggle with fluctuations continuously.
  • Having multiple tools from multiple programmers offering same functionality but stored in different segments of IT infrastructure can also be challenging to IT staff.
  • Choosing a huge platform vendor, which at first glance seems to suit your IAM needs can constrain you in a few years. You may need to buy several point solutions having siloed functionality, which does not help to get good control.

While modern business complexities keep on growing, an IAM solution becomes more about handling new issues, at hand. Companies need to resolve the perceived issues quickly to avoid lawsuits.

Get IAM right

Bear in mind that IAM is a chain of command with control. It can also be said that processes, principles, and mechanisms positioned to route business initiatives. All the strategies to reach there including security, access, control, and management need to be supported and controlled.

Majority of organizations just focus on tactical problems and fail to function with control in mind, thus wasting significant time and money. Effective IAM programs are blend of internal policies, right technology and people working in synch to attain governance.

IAM applied as pure technology cannot help to resolve root problems, which start compiling. The main thing necessary to sort upfront is the core concept that supports control and drives the technology. For example, stop fighting with fires and ponder more on ways to prevent fire.