How Extended Can the Mainstream Press Survive?

News & Media

Surfing the web a few days ago, I saw another headline about less and less ratings for that Cable News Network. I am of sufficient age to keep in mind when CNN first arrived on the scene, and also the skeptical reaction it got from everyone. At that time, there have been still millions of homes in the usa which did not have cable, and also the times of satellite television for that masses were not a concept yet. CNN was considered something of the novelty at that time, and many people thought it can’t last. However it thrived, and be among the top news sources in the whole world. Now, though, it appears to become losing steam, and it is future is within doubt.

CNN is not alone, obviously. The ratings for that evening news broadcasts from the three earliest TV systems will also be on the steady, unrelenting decline. CBS had placed lots of hope in Katie Couric to reverse this trend, but to date she’s didn’t have effect on the downward direction of ratings. The storyline is identical for ABC and NBC, too, in addition to MSNBC. Aside from commentary shows like individuals by Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, which keep FOX News’s rating up, there does not appear to become a marketplace for TV news nowadays.

Everything is no better for newspapers, and in some cases, it’s really far worse. It is common understanding that lots of people younger than 30 haven’t purchased a newspaper within their entire existence papers are more and more viewed as outdated and completely useless through the more youthful generation. When the paper arrives each morning, they have read all of the tales, commented in it, and emailed these to their buddies. As the future for TV news looks bleak, the problem for newspapers looks dire.