Google Optimization – Know Its Features and Best Advantages


Google optimization  firstly is for free and this makes it much above others as the others are paid solutions. There is a need to look at it from the money perspective.

What is in common? 

The common features include:

  • Easy set-up: Setting up the tools is straight forward and the process is the same if you have on your website some analytics. It involves adding code to the site pages. The Google’s Optimize integrates with Google Tag Manager so that setting up the Google optimization becomes easier and you need not update the code.
  • Experiment previews: Preview the variations over different devices so that it looks exactly the way it was prior to launching the experiments.

  • Visual editor- Creating variations is possible with visual editors and the optimization needs you to download and install chrome extension so that you use the chrome.
  • Test Types: There is A/B to run split and to multivariate the tests though, Optimize has limits.

Optimize Advantages

Google optimize offers native integration as the main advantage with Google Analytics. It provides single platform to view the performance site and experimentation results. It allows selecting the testing objectives as per Google Analytics goals that is set-up. Thus the experiment setting up becomes easier and simpler. If you do not use the Google Analytics, it is an advantage.

The next main advantage is that it is cost-free. Everyone likes free things and from the cost perspective, Google enjoys the data benefits that it accumulates. It may also be of immense use with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence in developing an optimization solution to optimize experiments automatically.