Debunking Dealers-only Myth Regarding Mercedes Benz Parts and Maintenance

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Mercedes Benz is a brand rewarded with fame and recognition as top luxury vehicle. Even pre-owned Mercedes cars are expensive. The car built by Mercedes Benz engineers includes the use of precise and high-quality parts. The standard of designing their vehicles is extremely high and adhered to stringently.

After you buy a car from Mercedes Nashville dealership, you get encouraged to contact them for regular maintenance. However, there are several dealer-only myths regarding Mercedes car maintenance and repairs.

Maintaining expensive Mercedes is also expensive

Maintenance performed in non-luxury cars regularly like oil changes as per instructed by the manufacturer is to be done with Mercedes cars. Following regular schedules of oil changes like after every 6 months or 7,500 miles enables the owners to avoid ongoing problems in future.

Mercedes-Benz new parts are available at premium prices but today you can get them online, at affordable prices. Part numbering, bar-coding, and modern supply systems finding the right kind of used parts for you specific Benz model is made easy.

Mercedes parts are cheap at dealerships

Online stores have low premiums. For example, a trim piece costing $5 on the internet can significantly cost more premium at retail counter. So, it is wise to compare offline and online prices.

Mercedes dealerships say no one is qualified to repair this luxury car

Dealerships push this myth because they can make more money because Mercedes purchase will have no other alternative. Independent Garage owners, who got an approval from Mercedes Benz, are qualified to perform repairs just like the engineers at dealerships.

The difference is obvious in the repair cost. Independent mechanics charge a fraction because unlike dealerships they don’t need to consider advertising or public relations for their business.

Will void your warranty?

Mercedes car owners visit the dealership because they fear that their warranty will void if independent mechanic is used. Actually, the monopoly created by dealers was legally broken in 1975. It was declared that car owners have right to get their Mercedes repaired from any approved garage without damaging their warranty.

Mercedes Benz is an investment, which needs expert care. If you wish for a dealership alternative then find a mechanic that has training and certificate to repair your Mercedes.

Moreover, Mercedes replacement parts need to exceed or meet manufacturer’s standards for better performance. High quality comes with a price. Therefore, while buying parts it is personal preference to choose between quality and cost.