A Quick Review of Bigcommerce Website Builder

Web Service

When it comes to designing an ecommerce site, the obvious idea is to hire a web design company for the job. For many business owners, that’s not a viable choice because of the costs involved. If you want to open a small online store, you can consider a website builder. Website builders are not only easy to use but also extremely affordable. BigCommerce is one of the popular website builders that works perfectly for the ecommerce niche.

Knowing BigCommerce better

BigCommerce is based in Australia and has been around for a decade. They are pretty comparable to Shopify but does have a few advantages.

  • Firstly, BigCommerce doesn’t have any transaction fee – a fact that many consider to be a downside of Shopify in particular. For ecommerce owners, this is always a big advantage as they can get assured profits.
  • As a website builder, BigCommerce offers a considerable number of tools, and you get these tools in their basic deal, which is a huge advantage of sorts. Their plans are bot that expensive, and you get features that are not included in Shopify’s cheaper plans.
  • BigCommerce also scores huge when it comes to support. They are accessible on phone, email and live chat around the clock, and is one of the best website builders in that context. They also offer the choice to get an expert on board, who will offer all the information required for setup, payment gateways and marketing.
  • BigCommerce also makes payments easier, and you get a bunch of payment gateways as option, with additional advantages like SEO and ability to offer discount codes. There is no denying that BigCommerce is pretty close to Shopify in that department.

On the flip side

BigCommerce does have an app store, but the number of apps is much lesser than that of Shopify. Also, some of their best templates are locked, and you don’t get as many options either, which again can be a bummer.

Final word

BigCommerce is a good website builder for ecommerce in particular, and we do recommend this one. BigCommerce is not as expensive as Shopify, but on the other hand, you don’t get as many options either. You need to decide what you to achieve with your website, which will help in deciding the website builder that may work best for your needs. Overall, BigCommerce is a good option, especially if you are looking for something beyond Shopify. Check their website to know more.